About Waddytoots

The Waddytoots woman isn’t just about supporting moms, she’s a champion for  all women. She doesn’t care if you’re breastfeeding, boycotting GMOS, living off of fruit loops or sleeping till noon. She’s about diversity, individuality and, most importantly, helping her fellow sisters along this crazy journey.

Waddytoots is an online haven for women and children and our intent is to create a small space on this big web that makes you feel comfortable being a totally honest version of yourself.

What is a Waddytoot?

The word Waddytoot comes from owner Hallie Thompson’s father being unable to say the word bathing suit as a little boy. Beyond being totally adorable, Hallie realized that each and every one of us has that word or name that we just couldn’t pronounce as tiny little toots. Waddytoots represents the cute that glows from within your little one and that tiny shred of innocence that still lives inside even the grownest of adults. We are all Waddytoots.

About Hallie

Hallie is the multi faceted and dynamic force that brings you Waddytoots. She is a professional rule breaker, game changer, science geek, cookie baker, and aunty. Hallie doesn’t believe in telling any woman what to do, especially mamas. Instead, she thrives off of being the friend that buys you a facial after lovingly letting you know that you look like garbage and then babysitting your kids while you go. Hallie wants to be here for you in anyway that she can be and encourages you to be your best self so that you can raise badass kids.