Band of Mothers: Elissa Matthews

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Band of Mothers is a bimonthly feature on moms who inspire us. Our goal is to cultivate a community of women, mamas, and children. Every other week, we’ll ask a mom 3 questions. Her perspective and stories are what makes up Band of Mothers. This week we’re talking with Elissa Matthews.

What was your ‘holy shit, I’m a mom’ moment?

Well, like most moms I feel like there have been so many “oh shit I’m a mom moments” but as I was trying to think of one on our drive to Storyland, my daughter needed to go to the bathroom as soon as we got on the highway and of course she can’t wait. So we pull over on the side of the road and I stand with her while she pees and I say to myself: “Motherhood.”

What’s the ‘keep it real’ advice you received or wish you had received?

A dear friend told me when I was pregnant with my first child to always remember their ‘firsts’ but never forget their ‘lasts.’

 Describe your kid(s) in 3 words:

Violet • Nurturing, Sweet, Thoughtful
Ophelia • Strong, Smart, Determined
Saoirse • Mellow, Tolerant, Content