Band of Mothers: Elsie Larson

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Band of Mothers is a bimonthly feature on moms who inspire us. Our goal is to cultivate a community of women, mamas, and children. Every other week, we’ll ask a mom 3 questions. Her perspective and stories are what makes up Band of Mothers. This week we’re talking with Elsie Larson.

What was your ‘holy shit, I’m a mom’ moment?

Haha, honestly… it’s difficult to sum up because China adoptions are so abrupt. You meet a child and they are in your full care instantly. So every part of every day was a “holy shit” moment for me for a long time… haha!

What’s the ‘keep it real’ advice you received or wish you had received?

It’s ok to vent. Maybe not on the internet, but you need to have a support system– even just a few friends who you can text or call in those more difficult moments. Having those unfiltered conversations were incredibly important to me as I adjusted to my new life.

Describe your kid(s) in 3 words:

Brave, Funny, Playful