Band of Mothers: Neenie Wang

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Band of Mothers is a bimonthly feature on moms who inspire us. Our goal is to cultivate a community of women, mamas, and children. Every other week, we’ll ask a mom 3 questions. Her perspective and stories are what makes up Band of Mothers. This week we’re talking with Neenie Wang.


What was your ‘holy shit, I’m a mom’ moment?

It’s so difficult to narrow down one “holy shit, I’m a mom” moment. I feel like as a first time mom, that holy shit feeling occurs quite often haha. But I guess if I had try to pick it would be when I had to call to schedule my daughters first doctors appointment and I said “daughter”, i has to stop for a second because I had never said that before and it was such an odd feeling. Literally “holy shit!” Haha.

What’s the ‘keep it real’ advice you received or wish you had received?

the “keep it real” advice I received was that I was going to have to learn to accept that I won’t be able to use the bathroom in peace or get a good shower in daily. I thought it was a joke at first, but it’s so real.

 Describe your kid(s) in 3 words:

Vocal, Foodie, Active