Band of Mothers: Stefanie Konarska

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Band of Mothers is a bimonthly feature on moms who inspire us. Our goal is to cultivate a community of women, mamas, and children. Every other week, we’ll ask a mom 3 questions. Her perspective and stories are what makes up Band of Mothers. This week we’re talking with Stefanie Konarska.

What was your ‘holy shit, I’m a mom’ moment?

When the hospital cleared us to leave. I remember thinking, “I don’t think they realize we don’t know anything about taking care of a baby…” We needed help putting her in her car seat, the clothes we packed for her were 3 times too big, I could barely walk, and I was on a steady diet of Oxycodone and Miralax.

For Gods sake, we had just named her after calling her “baby” for 3 days.
As we headed toward the door, the nurse told us it would be the slowest drive home of our lifetime. It was. A day later we were in the ER. Or course, it was nothing.

What’s the ‘keep it real’ advice you received or wish you had received?

We are so saturated with the “shoulds” when it comes to being pregnant, having a baby, what kind of baby gear we need, parenting, etc. Social media doesn’t help. My advice? Shed yourself of the pressure. Cut off social media. Meditate. Be present with your baby.

Best advice I received: “Don’t listen to parenting advice”.

Describe your kid(s) in 3 words:

Spunky, Hilarious, Charming