Onward and Upwards!

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We sure love our brands and the relationships we have built with them but we are ready fo something new!

As you know (and if you didn’t- now you do!) we are blowing out the site- offering you all of these wonderful lines at half price so that we can move inventory and fill her back up with the coolest goods we can muster. We’re talking toys, accessories, home goods, beauty etc. We will still be carrying some clothing items but we’re all ready to start hunting for the prettiest, funnest, and most practical fricking teething toy on the market. We’re sure that exists….?

With that being said, if you have and leads on some badass local artisans in your town, please feel free to reach out and let us know! We love supporting small businesses, especially those run by the ladies.

Please know that we aren’t leaving you, we’re just switching lanes. We feel really good about this decision and we look forward to bringing y’all the best of the best.

Now, get out there and shop that end of season, back to school, ridiculously efficient Christmas planning, sale. It’s too good to miss.


Team Toots