Mama + Baby Llama Set

The β€œthings” come out at night! Handmade by Ned Roche, artist and co-founder of Chases Garage, in the beach town of York, Maine, these mama and baby llama β€œthing” sets are the perfect addition to your growing menagerie.

Each big and little llama is completely one of a kind, (meaning sizes, colors, and maybe even some texture will vary from piece to piece) making each pair as special as your favorite mom and child duo.

These sets look stunning on a nursery shelf but can also be quite the conversation piece in a more adult setting. And, as long as you can keep these wild things tame, they make the perfect heirloom gift.

Llama things are ceramic, extremely fragile, and a Waddytoots exclusive.

Note: Each piece is completely unique! Every llama thing sent out will look different and may not look the same as the ones pictured. Unfortunately, there are no exchanges or set substitutions as each baby picked out the perfect mom themselves. πŸ™‚



  • By Ned Roach
  • Ceramic
  • Very fragile!